Chief Arvol Wilfred Looking Horse - Keeper of Sacred Buffalo Calf Pipe in Wet Plate

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Chief Arvol Wilfred Looking Horse "Sacred Horse", Lakota Sioux, in the historic wet plate collodion process of pure silver on glass. He is the 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle. This plate will be permanently curated by the Historical Society of North Dakota at the Heritage Center in Bismarck for my series "Northern Plains Native Americans: A Modern Wet Plate Perspective".

My little makeshift wet plate studio was blessed by his presence. He entered my studio as a stranger and he left a friend. Below is a link that explains the history and the story that surrounds this important piece of Native American history.…/The_White_Buffalo_Calf_Pipe-Unk…

8x10" black glass ambrotype, Carl Zeiss 300mm lens, f4.5, 10 seconds on exposure with continuous florescent lighting.  We made two significant plates from our time together, one went to the Historical Society of ND permanently and the second plate is being curated by the Heard Museum in Arizona.  A huge honor.   

Chief Arvol Wilfred Looking HorseChief Arvol Wilfred Looking Horse in Wet Plate, Lakota SiouxChief Arvol Wilfred Looking Horse - 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred Buffalo Pipe Bundle



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