Donald Trump "POTUS Revealed" Wet Plate Collodion by Shane Balkowitsch

January 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Trumps signed executive orders to approve the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipeline, on my birthday no less, January 24, 2017. Well this wet plate artist will not stand idly by without making an artistic statement. The shoot was immediately planned and the composition woke me from my sleep. It is an artist's responsibility to use his or her art for change.  Kevin Tengesdal was very kind to model as our Commander in Chief in the spur of the moment. 

"Art isn't for ovation but expression" per Kim Olson

My symbolism for the plate as described by Kevin himself -

Feather And Skull: Native American Oppression, Death of Native American Culture; Oil on Shirt: Destruction of Environment, Dirty Energy; American Flag: Zealous Patriotism; Money: Wall Street, Wealth Inequality; Tutu: Cancelling Arts & Culture; Mustache: Hitler, Totalitarianism; Crown: Self-Imposed Royalty, Privilege; Torn Leggings: Woman Issues, Men's Issues, LGBT Issues; Crotch: Grabbing America by the Balls, Grab Them By The Pussy; Necklace: Chains that Bind; Belly: Gluttony of America; Pinched Fingers: How Few Americans care.

Donald Trump - POTUS RevealedDonald Trump "POTUS Revealed" in wet plate collodionDonald Trump "POTUS Revealed" in wet plate collodion


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