Archie Fool Bear "Afraid of Nothing" Yanktonai Dakota Sioux in Wet Plate

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Archie D. Fool Bear, (Kokipesni) "Afraid of Nothing", Upper Yanktonai Dakota Sioux, for the series "Northern Plains Native Americans: A Modern Wet Plate Perspective". Archie has been a Tribal Councilman and worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. It was Archie's birthday and it was an honor to capture him in silver on glass.

8x10" black glass ambrotype in the historic wet plate collodion process, Carl Zeiss Tessar 300mm lens, f4.5, 10 seconds of exposure, continuous fluorescent lighting. A huge thank you to Brian Sorbo for his assistance and friendship behind the scenes.

Archie D. Fool BearArchie D. Fool Bear in Wet Plate"Afraid of Nothing", Upper Yanktonai Dakota Sioux


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